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Noah's Ark Preschool

noah's ark preschool

A place to come. out of the storm.

460 N.W. Front St.

Ashdown, AR 71822

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The Path to Elementary School Starts Here!

This is way more than just daycare. At Noah's Ark Preschool, we offer developmentally appropriate programs and specialized curriculum for a range of ages, infants and beyond. Our daycare has a strong educational focus.

Also, before- and after-school programs for school-age children offer a great start and finish to every day, with healthy breakfasts and snacks, plus fun, educational activities. Tour our school to see our unique educational and child care offerings for yourself!

Our Center is Purpose-Built for Children

Quite often, a child’s first significant time away from home and first exposure to structured learning occurs at daycare. Knowing this, we made Noah's Ark Daycare feel like a home away from home for children and families alike. Our daycare is purpose-built to foster an environment where children feel comfortable, safe, and ready to learn. With attention to every detail, we designed our classrooms to ensure and encourage a child’s natural curiosity and creativity.

Noah's Ark Daycare features:

  • Safe, secure, and private access.

  • Separate classrooms that have been specifically designed to meet the needs of children.

  • Cameras in each of the classrooms that are monitored by the director.

  • Bathrooms designed for age-appropriate use.

  • Spacious, fenced-in playgrounds that have designated areas for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

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