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About us

what is the chamber of commerce?

The goals and objectives of Chamber of Commerce are included in our By-Laws and comprise our purpose and statement: The Purpose of the Little River Chamber of Commerce shall be the advancement of the commercial, industrial, civic, and general interest of Little River County, Arkansas and in the promotion of such purpose the organization shall be non-partisan, non-sectional and not-sectarian.


While the Chamber is dedicated primarily to improving social, civic, physical and human resources, its concerns are with the overall development of Little River County. To help accomplish these goals, the Chamber serves both as a spokesman and an advocate for its members, and for the area as a whole.

who funds the chamber of commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is funded by the membership with the assistance of fundraising activities.

who runs the chamber of commerce?

The Board of Directors is the policy making body and the Director is the administrator of the Chamber.

What is the benefit of membership?

The major benefit of membership is the Chamber of Commerce acts as a unified voice of the area businesses, including industry and professional firms.

Strong membership involvement from leaders in the community will increase the impact and effectiveness of the organization, and provide a better quality of life for all.

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